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The Most Sensitive Detector for Gold Hunting ever made.

For their flexibility, depth, and cutting-edge technology, for their ease of use and technical advancement, the many pros are favored by our detectors.

Simply put, Fisher’s detectors have every feature you need for good hunting.



The Most Sensitive Gold Hunting Detector Ever Made by Fisher Gold Bug 2 Gold Nugget / Electronic Prospecting Metal Detector


  • Small Gold Nuggets Severe Sensitivity
  • Dual-Control Field Balance by High Precision
  • Iron Disc Mode for the Rejection of Iron & Hot Rock
  • Audio Boost for Deep Target
  • Hip & Lightweight-Mountable
  • Available with either an elliptical search coil of 6 1⁄2″” or 10″”
  • Frequency of Operation: 71 kHz

The Gold Bug-2, like the original Gold Bug, is designed to locate gold nuggets. It provides exceptional sensitivity, ultra-high frequency (the highest operating frequency on the market), iron discrimination, resistance to dust and moisture, audio-boost and the ability to work with a 3-position mineralization switch in highly mineralized soil. Backed by a 5-year warranty from Fisher.


THRESHOLD: Tiny shaft on the back of the control housing, threshold tone control.

MODE: Three-position switch toggle:


  1. IRON DISC Mode for iron discrimination.
  2. NORMAL Mode for normal operation of all metals.
  3. AUDIO BOOST Hearing mode for faint, deep targets.

BATTERY TEST/SENSITIVITY: Dual-purpose potentiometer with Audio-Tone battery test switch, target sensitivity, electrical interference, and ground mineral controls.

GROUND REJECT: Dual-knob control that is used to electronically tune electronics to ignore minerals from the ground. On a big, 16-turn fine-tuning control, a small, single-turn coarse adjusting knob is stacked.

VOLUME: Switches on the power and monitors the volume of the signal response.

HEADPHONES: 1/4-inch plug jack for most stereo and mono headphones



Length: Extended  53” 1 ,Collapsed 40” 1
Weight: Complete 2.9 lbs, Control Housing 1.0 lbs, Handle and Coil 1.9 lbs.
Frequency: LF Search  71.01 kHz, Response (V.C.O.)
Mineralization Settings:
1. High Mineral (Attenuated, Fast Auto-Tune)
2. Normal Mineral (Fast Auto-Tune)
3. Low Mineral (Gain boosted, Slow Auto-Tune)
Operating Modes
1. All Metal Auto-Tune (Normal)
2. All Metal Auto-Tune (Audio Boost)
3. Iron Discrimination
Audio Output: Speaker 2” Moisture Resistant, Headphone Jack 1/4” stereo/mono
Ground Adjustment: Manual, 16‑turn vernier dual‑shaft precision potentiometer
Dust, Moisture Resistant:      Yes
Manual Threshold Tunning: Small shaft on the rear of the housing, effective in All Metal, Auto-Tune Modes
Type:                         Elliptical, Co‑Planar
Size:                          6.5” or 10” standard, other sizes available
Shielding:                 l00% ESI Interchangeable Yes
Waterproof:              Yes
Cable Length:           7 feet
Handle Mount / Hip-Mount Convertible:              Yes
Type:                                      (2) 9V rectangular
Life‑Carbon Zinc:                   10‑20 hours
Life‑Alkaline:                          25‑35 hours
NiCad:                                    5‑10 hours
Warranty:                              5-Year Warranty
Warranty may vary outside of the United States; warranty applies to the Original Purchaser Only. See your dealer for details.


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71 kHz, VLF (Very Low Frequency)


Gold Nuggets, Natural Gold Prospecting