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Underground water detector up to 1200 meters under the ground and 2,000 meters under the front range


FRESH RESULT 2 PLUS SYSTEMS The world’s first detector to detect underground water is a geological and long-range device.

We congratulate the farmers, agricultural land investors, scholars, and groundwater explorers, and wells talking under the field and unique equipment.




GER DETECT company, FRESH RESULT 2 SYSTEMS PLUS Geological and Long-range Device Unit, is proud to deliver the world’s latest technology requirements and high-resolution techniques and discrimination.

Device depth of 2,000 meters up to 1200 meters underground and the front range,

With the possibility that the form of water is very specific and deep, select whether (fresh – salty – natural)

Potential for research into four different soil types (sandy – clay – rocky – mixed).

New RESULT 2 SYSTEMS PLUS Recent technology devices for detecting and locating under-ground water sources


Water location is determined from a distance by this high-accuracy method and excellence.

When the target is captured, the user also switches to the discovered target before the target is fully raised,

Confined to an area of 1 square meter and with the versatility of seeing a device’s front range of 500 or 1000 or 1500 or 2000 meters and a depth of 1200 meters below the ground.

The computer operates in four languages (German – English – French – Arabic).

You will pick one of the languages while the system is running and set the front range.

The unit will head to the detected target when capturing the target,

The user sometimes walks up to the target and is completely confined to the square meter area, defining the depth by meter and centimeter.



Numerous new requirements for innovative technologies have been applied to the existing framework.

Scan all layers of the ground to a depth of 1200 meters and display the results found on the device’s high-precision color screen,

It indicates the density of water and thus the kind of water that was (fresh – salty – Natural),

Shows the beginning, end by meter and centimeter of water depth.

The unit is automatically defined by the ground balancing system so that it is placed on the soil regardless of type and nature and very precise in providing the details.

Make this system a specialist for underground water detection.

The system works with all the different terrain, impacts to confirm that the explorer quickly and really arrives at the target.


Technical specifications for FRESH RESULT 2 SYSTEMS PLUS

It’s compact and simple to use.

The highly accurate 4.3-inch color display displays complete search results.

The depth of the unit is 1200 meters.

The possibility of determining the underground target depth.

Up to 2,500 meters of the front range with the possibility of deciding the desired front range

Identify the kind of water that you want to find for them.

The system operates in four languages: English-German-French-Arabic

Adjustable according to the client’s area and language.

Certificate of origin and warranty for a term of two years from the date of purchase of the first-class German industry.

The total weight of the unit with only accessories (11 kg).

All conditions and different terrain suit the unit.

Fresh Result 2 Systems Computer is one of the best German inventions accredited according to international standards with European cε certification.

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