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The PulseDive 2-in-1 Set would be the perfect extension to your rigging this year, regardless of whether you are an expert jumper, a vacationer or essentially a detectorist who searches both ashore and submerged!


2 Feet

Made In


System Device

Pulse Induction System (PI)


All Metal, Coins, Treasure






Up to 60m (200ft.) Waterproof.

Pulse Induction

In this revolutionary innovation, completely stable operation in saltwater or dirt.

Built-in Wireless Module

Compatible with 2.4 GHz Green Edition Wireless Headphones from Nokta Makro.

Detection Alerts and Indicators

  1. Audio Only
  2. Vibration Only
  3. Sound and Vibration

LED Flashlight

During the evening or while hunting underwater, easily observe your target.

Fast Retune

Ensures that the gadget’s task is secure with the push of one button.

Dive Mode

By locking the keys and preventing them from being pressed by water pressure during deep diving, it provides a simplified underwater activity. ·

Lost Alarm

The gadget produces an audible warning after 5 minutes of sleep and the LED starts blinking.

Replaceable Hard-Shell Case

 To avoid wear of the detection tip, the replaceable pointer coil comes with a hard-shell safety case.

Package Contents

PulseDive Scuba & Pointer Package Contents

1 – System Box
2 – Replaceable Scuba Coil
3 – Replaceable Scuba Coil Cover
4 – Replaceable Pointer Coil
5 – Replaceable Pointer Coil Hard-Shell Case
6 – Belt Holster
7 – Security Lanyard
8 – Rubber Wristband
9 – Battery Compartment Cover For Land Use
10 – Coil Connector Dust Protection Cap
11 – USB Charging Cable
12 – User Manual, Warranty Certificate
13 – Hard-Shell Carrying Case

*Nokta Pulse Dive Set is available in 2 colors: Yellow or Black. The product shown is the yellow Color.


Operating PrinciplePulse Induction
Operating Frequency3kHz
Frequency ShiftYes
WaterproofUp to 60m (200ft.)
Built-in Wireless ModuleYes
Detection ModesAudio / Vibration / Audio + Vibration / LED
Sensitivity5 levels adjustable
LengthScuba Detector: 39 cm (15.3”)
Pinpointer: 28 cm (11”)
WeightScuba Detector: 419 gr (14.8oz) including the coil cover
Pinpointer: 286 gr (10oz) including the hard-shell case
Battery1650mAh Lithium Polymer
Charging Time≈2 hours
Warranty2 years