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Revolutionary Metal Detection Technology Advancement. With advanced technology, and extreme ground/target data, the Fisher Gold Bug Pro. In highly mineralized soils, Gold Bug Pro can discover the smallest gold nuggets. Gold Bug Pro combines state-of-the-art advanced algorithms and is now a standout Gold Prospecting machine with 19k Hz Operating Frequency multi-purpose capabilities.




Searches in heavily mineralized soils for the smallest gold nuggets

V-Break TM; First Variable Breakpoint Tone Discrimination Method for Industry


  • Ground Grab®, Ground Balancing Computerized
  • Computerized real-time field balancing
  • In All-Metal & Discrimination Mode V.C.O. Audio
  • Independent oversight over Threshold & Benefit
  • Readouts for Continuous Field Condition
  • Value of Ground Phase shows the type of mineralization
  • The Fe3O4 map displays the volume of mineralization.
  • Static Pinpoint with the predictor of depth
  • Jacks Dual Headphones
  • 19 kHz Frequency of Operation
  • Ultra-Simple User Interface
  • Ultra-Lightweight Lightweight (2.5 lbs.)


Technical Specifications

Mechanical:S-rod with electronics housing mounted on the handgrip, 3-piece breakdown, batteries under the elbow, 2-way armrest adjustment — forward/backward & around the forearm
Searchcoil5 inch (12.7 cm) closed-frame round biaxial,
Batteries:Single 9-volt rectangular alkaline
Weight:2 lbs, 8 oz with battery installed
Operating Principle:VLF induction balance
Operating Frequency:19 kHz, crystal controlled
Reactive Overload:10,000 micro-cgs (with standard search coil)
Resistive Overload:1,200 micro-cgs (with standard search coil)
Ground Balancing Range:From ferrite to salt, inclusive
Discrimination Ground Suppression:Combination of 2nd and 3rd
order methods
ID Ground Suppression:3rd order
Battery Life:15+ hours on good quality alkaline
Operating Temp Range:14 to 122 degrees F (-10 to +50 C)
Operating Humidity Range:: 0-90% non-condensing


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