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Find Coins, Rings, Relics & Jewels! More than a Hot Gold Machine, with several user-intuitive features, the Gold Bug can make modifications a snap. If you’re not in the Goldfields, just switch modes and get ready for coin shooting and even relic hunting. Today, you will not find a deeper, easier to use the lightweight gold detector to find gold nuggets, and don’t worry, the little Gold Bug will also find the larger nuggets.



Made In


System Device

VLF (Very Low Frequency)


All Metal, Coins, Gold Nuggets, Treasure hunting




  • Adjustments to the Threshold and Gain
  • Jacks 1/4 and 1/8-inch Headphones
  • Power Supply 1 – 9V
  • Lightest Weight / Best Ergonomics in the Industry
  • 2 Search Modes: Discriminate and All Metal
  • Large LCD screen with 0-99 Display for Numeric Target Recognition
  • Alert for Wide Target
  • Indicator of Depth Readout and Operating Signal Power
  • Pinpoint No-Motion
  • Ground Grab Assisted by Computer
  • Ground Grab®, Ground Balancing Computerized
  • 2 Sound The Tone
  • Super Sensitive

Recommended for:
Gold Nugget / Prospecting


Technical Specifications

Mechanical:S-rod with electronics housing mounted on the handgrip, 3-piece breakdown, batteries under the elbow, 2-way armrest adjustment — forward/backward & around the forearm
Searchcoil5 inch (12.7 cm) closed-frame round biaxial,
Batteries:Single 9-volt rectangular alkaline
Weight:2 lbs, 8 oz with battery installed
Operating Principle:VLF induction balance
Operating Frequency:19 kHz, crystal controlled
Reactive Overload:10,000 micro-cgs (with standard search coil)
Resistive Overload:1,200 micro-cgs (with standard search coil)
Ground Balancing Range:From ferrite to salt, inclusive
Discrimination Ground Suppression:Combination of 2nd and 3rd
order methods
ID Ground Suppression:3rd order
Battery Life:15+ hours on good quality alkaline
Operating Temp Range:14 to 122 degrees F (-10 to +50 C)
Operating Humidity Range:: 0-90% non-condensing