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Beginner and expert treasure hunters alike will benefit from the Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector. The waterproof 6.5×9″ PROformance search coil is included as standard equipment with this 2.7 lb detector, which operates at a 6.5 kHz frequency. The control device is not submersible, however, the coil can be immersed as deeply as you desire.



  • Cursor for graphic Target ID
    To disregard undesired objects and detect specific targets, use the Accept/Reject notch.
    Use an electronic pinpoint to recover targets quickly.
  • Control of Sensitivity: Affects 8 Levels of Sensitivity for Various Ground Conditions
  • Continuous target depth indicator

This would be ideal for a shallow pond or the fringes of a lake. It’s excellent for looking for antique coins, jewels, artifacts, and other treasures because it has Target ID functionality built-in, which alerts you to any potential finds. With the Garrett ACE 250, you can find the hidden treasure you’re seeking, whether you’re looking for items on an archaeological site or not. Complete with a padded handle grip, an adjustable S-style shaft, and an arm cuff.


Selection Modes:

  • All Metal Mode (Zero Discrimination)
  • Jewelry Mode
  • Relics Mode
  • Coins Mode
  • Pinpoint Mode (When the Pinpoint button is pressed)


Additional information


1 feet

Made In


System Device

VLF (Very Low Frequency)


All Metal, Coins, Treasure