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The TITAN 400 SMART gadget features an entirely new design and is also the first of its kind in the world.
The TITAN 400 SMART gadget was created to function effortlessly in even the most challenging climatic conditions and types of soil.
TITAN 400 SMART equipment can skip all forms of mineral rocks with autonomous calibration technology, including sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks, which consist of two categories:

Due to the change in the rocks brought on by their chemical interaction with the soil and transformation into rock tissue, or mineral components, granite and basalt are among the worst types of rocks that obstruct the operation of many products on the market.
Additionally, this device has the benefit of automatically switching to search systems after the necessary components for each system have been installed.
The device’s front range is 3000 meters square, and the depth below ground is 25 meters.



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Three alternative search systems are supported by TITAN 400 SMART on a single device.

1. The long-range search system 
2. The search system of the ionic fields.
3- System for VLF electromagnetic detection.


1. Long-range gold & metal and treasure finder system

This system is distinguished by its excellent accuracy in locating, tracking, and limiting the target position to a square meter area.
The device begins its search by displaying light signals on the screen to indicate that it is transmitting and receiving signals that point you in the direction of the target.
-When a signal is received, the device will simultaneously engage three functions to validate the target’s presence.
-Directly facing the target while turning the signal recipient.
-On the smart screen, the target’s direction is displayed.
-Beeping when the signal recipient moves in the direction of the target.

-Use the four directions to confirm the target’s direction to ensure a more precise approach.
Trace the signal, and when the recipient turns around, you have passed the target. Narrow the search area by designating it as the confirmed target’s center.
-Confirm the target’s location by looking in each of the four directions: south to north, north to south, west to east, and east to west.

Features of this system:

Target direction finding indicator on a system screen.
The device’s front range.
degree of sensitivity.
the option of selecting the ideal front range for the search area to be covered, which can range from 100 meters to 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000 square meters.
the capability to regulate the sensitivity.
The long-range system has a 25-meter subsurface depth.

2. Ionic fields underground gold and treasure detecting system

It is a system that focuses on finding ionic fields that form around hidden riches and gold.
Use the device to search by moving it from right to left; the angle it creates should be 180 degrees.
Additionally, a target has been found when a sound signal is received and the pointer appears on the screen.
Move the device up and down to match the beep The device’s sound will intensify as you move closer to the target to ensure that the target is there underneath it.
This system is compatible with using it while operating a vehicle.
The front range is 3000 meters, and the depth of the ionic system is 25 meters underground.

3.VLF electromagnetic precious and non-precious metals search system

a cutting-edge automatic (VLF) system with great accuracy in metal identification, down to a depth of 3 meters.
a totally autonomous system that is unaffected by the soil’s composition, be it dry, salty with minerals, or rock-rich with minerals.
This system also includes:
System of discrimination and precious metals search: With this technique, signals from iron or non-valuable targets are rejected, allowing you to solely search for precious metals (such as gold, silver, bronze, and coins).
The system of general search, which includes looking for both valuable and non-precious metals This technique distinguishes between precious and non-precious metals while accurately searching for all types of metals.

The VLF system screen has the following indicators:
1. A measure of non-precious metal concentration (ferrous).
2. A measure of the amount of precious metals (non-ferrous).
3- A positive (+) button and a negative (-) button to adjust the search coil’s sensitivity level.
4-The “ignore Iron” button (x)

This technique can quickly discriminate between precious and non-precious metals.
The device’s front range is 3000 meters square, and the depth below ground is 25 meters.
One of the top German gadgets, the TITAN 400 SMART device has both the international ISO 9001 certification and the European CE certification in accordance with international criteria.
This device is made to work in all nations and areas.
Going to new places is not necessary for the actual exploration adventure; instead, it calls for having fresh perspectives.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification NameTechnical Specification Value
Audio OutputDYNAMIC SPEAKER FREQUENCY RANGE: 350~5500 Hz SOUND OUTPUT: 84 ± 3dB & Wireless headphones
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)touch screen full color 98mm x 57mm / 480×270 px
LengthDevice : 157mm
LengthDevice with imaging and magnetic sensor 955mm (Closed)
LengthDevice with imaging and magnetic sensor 1345mm (Opened)
LengthDevice with ionic sensor 342mm
LengthDevice with long range sensor 297mm
FrequencyMax 500 KHz
VLF System Frequency10KHz
Operating Temperature Range0 C° to 70 C°
Operating Humidity Rangeup to 95 % non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range-20C° to 70C°
Storage Humidity Rangeup to 98 % Relative Humidity
Waterproof Rating – Detectornot waterproof (weather proof only )
Waterproof Rating – Coilwaterproof to depth of (30 cm)
Operating Time (27 Wh Battery)10 Hours
BluetoothTw5200 – 2.4 GHz radio Bluetooth headphones
Li-ion Battery Technical Specifications
TypeLi-ion Rechargeable Battery – internal Battery
Output VoltageLi-ion 3.7 VDC
CapacityLi-ion 27 Wh
Run Time10 Hours
Battery Operating Temperature0 C° to 50 C°
Battery Storage Temperature– 5C° to 70C°
Battery weight135 g
Li-ion Battery Charger Technical Specifications
Operating Temperature0 C° to 50 C°
Storage Temperature– 30C° to 80C°
Input Voltage90 → 250 VAC 50→60 Hz
Output5 VDC / 2100 mA
Other Technical Specifications
total weight6620 g
Device weight595 g
Coil weight675 g
Bag weight (empty )3150 g
Bag dimensions620mm x 430mm x 200 mm


 An instructional video for the Titan 400 Smart Detector



A carrying and a protective case for the device.

A device handle

A long-range sensor

A multi uses shovel as a gift.

A plastic nail to fix the search coil to the arm.

A search coil size 30 x 30 cm.

A signal recipient

An Armrest

An electric car charger.

An electric charger.

The headphone supports cable and Bluetooth technology (rechargeable).

Ionic sensor

The main unit of the device

The portable arm device

Two antennas

Two-year warranty card.