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The Nokta Makro Jeohunter 3D Dual System has been developed and built using the latest technology. This technology is the most sophisticated treasure hunter in the world for finding precious metals and discovering hidden cavities. The Jeohunter 3D Dual Device is a metal detector that penetrates deeply. In order to reliably identify metal targets in to four groups: non-ferrous, gold, steel, and iron, the device uses advanced discrimination. In addition to accurate metal object detection and analysis, the Jeohunter 3D Dual Device is also capable of detecting underground cavities such as cellars, tunnels, caves, shelters, and graves in real-time.



The most advanced graphical imaging system is the Jeohunter 3D Dual System, capable of drawing second signal graphs over the time period of detected targets. The multifunctional options for search and detection allow the user to look comfortably, even in very highly mineralized soil conditions. The friendly user interface can be enjoyed by qualified and amateur users alike. Unlike other detectors, search screens with Jeohunter 3D Dual System options are easy to understand.  Before you dig, the Jeohunter 3D Dual System provides an entire analysis of the buried target. The system offers the outstanding depth, outstanding metal discrimination, and reliable goal depth and size analysis. Jeohunter 3D Dual System displays the depth of the target to the user in centimeters for both large and tiny targets. This same depth analysis is done for both metal targets and cavities by the Jeohunter 3D. Jeohunter A full metal detection system could be the Jeohunter 3D Dual System.  Three separate search coils come with the machine. It’s like owning one of three detectors. For metals that have been underground for a long time and created a flux (oxidization) around them, the 100 x 60 cm (24 ” x 39 “) Deep Search Coil is appropriate. For general purposes, the 36 x 44 cm (14 ” x 17 “) General Search Coil is used. Finally, the compact search coil of 21 x 31,5 cm (8.5 ” x 12 “) is suitable for coins and can be used in enclosed areas such as cellars. Experience the joys of touching depths and finding treasures that have never been achieved by anyone.




The 100 x 60 cm (24′ x 39′) Deep Search Coil is specifically designed to locate very deeply buried targets. You’ll cover wider areas and find deeper objectives with this coil. A quick and practical use is provided by the Deep Search Coil by ignoring tiny metal trash like pull-tabs and nails. Even in highly mineralized soil conditions, this coil enables you to achieve the correct results. What makes this coil distinctive from other large search coils is outstanding metal discrimination. It divides metals into four categories: gold, non-ferrous, ferrous, and steel. The percentage value of the two metals put in close proximity to one another can be provided by the device. In addition, you’ll actually find cavities with the Deep Search Coil, rather than metals. Experience the excitement with the distinctive 3D functionality of visually detecting targets. Currently, you can find caves, cellars, tunnels, and shelters that cannot be detected by other detectors.

Nokta|Makro Jeohunter 3D Dual System involves both the deep search 3D system and a genuinely functional shallow recovery led system. With the led system, anywhere you can not use the Deep or General Search Coils, you can search quickly in tight areas. For looking at areas such as walls and hillsides and for finding coins and shallow targets, use the small search coil. Additionally, this device has metal discrimination that can be the best assistant in your searches. The lead display is conveniently positioned on the tiny search coil pole’s joystick handle. On the left side of the LED display, you can see cavity signals and metal signals on the right side.

Two distinct tones, apart from the LEDs, allow the user to simply distinguish targets from types of environments. Non-ferrous, ferrous, and steel discrimination is offered by this simple and sensible electronic system. Discover more with the proven Dual System Nokta|Makro Jeohunter 3D. The best option for locating both very deep hidden objects and shallow targets is this approach. Experience the excitement of finding gold and other treasures that were previously only on the far side of the reach of various technologies. Your treasure quest starts today!


Package Contents

Jeohunter 3D Package Content

1- Jeohunter 3D System Box
2- DD Search Coil 44×36 cm (T44) & Shaft
3- DD Search Coil 21×31.5 cm (T21) & Shaft
4- System Box Leather Carrying Bag
5- AC Charger
6- Car Charger
7- Lithium Polymer Battery
8- Headphones
9- User Manual, Warranty Certificate & DVD
10- T100 Search Coil Carrying Bag
11- T100 Search Coil
12- Jeohunter 3D Carrying Bag

Technical Specifications


T21 Search Coil T44 Search Coil T100 Search Coil
Stem Length 90-150cm (35″x59″) 90-150cm (35″x59″)
Weight 2400 gr 2600 gr 8450 gr
Search Coil DD Search Coil 21×31.5 cm (T21) DD Search Coil 44×36 cm (T44) DD Search Coil 100×60 cm (T100)
Audio Output 2W 2W 2W
Headphone Output 6.3 Mm + 3.5 Mm Adapter Adapter + Headphones Adapter + Headphones
LED Power LED No No
Transmission Sinusoidal Wave Sinusoidal Wave Sinusoidal Wave
Frequency 12 – 13 kHz 12 – 13 kHz 12 – 13 kHz
Operating System VLF VLF VLF
Metal Discrimination Non Ferrous / Ferrous / Steel + Cavity Non Ferrous / Ferrous / Gold + Steel + Cavity Non Ferrous / Ferrous / Gold + Steel + Cavity
Election of Ferrous No Yes Yes
Depth Detection No Yes (3D Graphics) Yes (3D Graphics)
Audio Tones Polyphonic Polyphonic Polyphonic
Ground Balance Manuel Manuel Manuel
Sensitivity Adjustment Manual Manual Manual
Noise Canceling Automatic Automatic Automatic
Threshold Automatic Automatic Automatic
Battery Gauge Yes Yes Yes
Battery Lithium Polymer Battery Lithium Polymer Battery Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery Life 8 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years

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VLF (Very Low Frequency)




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