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The 54″ Ultra Wide Sluice Box with everything you need to use in creeks and streams. Flare, Matting, Expanded Metal, Hungarian Riffle Tray and New improved quick release break down Stand, and Carrying Handle for easy transport. Also included is our first Highbanker/ Dredge ready Hopper to convert your Sluice into a Highbanker/ Dredge or both. This unit runs off of a 1 1/2″” gas engine not included.




View this machine along with our 54″ Ultra Wide Sluice Box in action!

Key Features

  • All Sluice Boxes are measured from the tip of the Flare to  end of the Sluice
  • Top of Hopper, 17 1/2″” X 17 1/2″”
  • Dual adjustable & removable spray bars
  • Ready to receive a 2″” dredge adapter (sold separately)
  • Adapter to attach Hopper to your Royal 10″ wide Sluice Box
  • The water inlet is equipped with a 1 1/2″ barbed removable fitting
  • Ball Valve to adjust water supply
  • Removable Zinc Platted Steel Grizzly adjusts to 3 angles
  • 10″ wide X 10 3/4″ Stainless Steel Perforated Plate to protect Deep Ribbed Rubber
  • 10″” wide X 10 3/4″ Deep Ribbed Rubber
  • 54″ Ultra Wide Sluice Box with Flare
  • New improved quick release break down Sluice Stand
  • ULTRA WIDE FLARE SLUICE PUMP HEAD this Head Kit to your Royal 54″ Ultra Wide Sluice (10″ wide) Box to create your own Highbanker system. The large 2060 GPH pump processes material quickly.