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Water Detector Long Range For wells and explorers of underground water.


The GER DETECT Company offers you the latest levels in technology, extremely detailed techniques, and discrimination.

GER DETECT Company put all of the high-tech within the specifications and features of this system to be the primary among other long-range devices, providing the navigator, great search effort, and exploring water. For the wells and the explorers of underground water.



The Long-Range System

The latest device to detect underground water and artesian wells

RIVER-F PLUS a device with multiple features searching underground water and artesian wells

1- Freshwater Search system.

2- Natural water search system.

3- Salty water search system.

In its latest version, the RIVER-F PLUS allows users to control two systems: the touch system and the keyboard system.

Additionally, this version is defined by several functions:

It is available in six languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic):

In the search area, the user can choose the kind of soil desired: (natural – clay – rocky – sandy- mixed, and mineral).

To get more detailed results, this function is intended for the user.

It works with a front scale up to a depth of 3000 square meters and 1200 meters.

The system allows the user to choose the necessary square meters from the front of the search area to be covered (500 – 1000 – 1500 – 2000 – 2500 – 3000).

It has a digital compass to help set the north and south directions for the user.

It has a menu of settings (Sound Adjustment-Brightness Adjustment, and thus the system data)


RIVER-F PLUS Technical Specification

It’s compact and simple to use.

Tap screen to view complete search results.

The depth of the unit is 1200 meters.

The possibility of determining the underground target depth.

With the possibility of deciding the optimal front length, a front range of up to 3000 meters.

Identify the target to aim for.

In the search field, the user may choose the desired soil type.

It is available in six languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic):

Origin and warranty certificates for a term of two years from the date of purchase of the first-class German industry.

The total weight of the unit with only accessories (6 kg).

All conditions and different terrain suit the unit.

The River-F System is one of the best German inventions with an international specification for European cε certification.

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