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Superior Discrimination and Performance The E-TRAC, with FBS technology, provides you superior Detecting performance and 2D discrimination for precise target identification.

The E-TRAC is an advanced detector incorporating Minelab’s Full Band Spectrum (FBS) technology and SmartfindTM discrimination. Its sleek, durable style, innovative control panel, intuitive menus, clear LCD screen, sturdy light-weight coil, and comprehensive targeting options set the E-TRAC apart from other brands.



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Full Band Spectrum (FBS)


All Metal, Coins, Gold, Treasure hunting



The E-TRAC Xchange program enables you to connect your device to your home computer to download and upload your E-TRAC settings, user modes, and discrimination patterns. You can build a resource library charting your success together with your E-TRAC storing your valuable settings for your favorite sites – never worry about losing your most successful settings again! This advanced feature is additionally designed to allow you to quickly configure the E-TRAC at the touch of a button to particular detecting environments and preferred targets so you can spend less time messing about with settings and more time out in the field doing what you love doing, detecting.

The E-TRAC can find valuable metal objects in an exceeding style of mineralized ground conditions like extremely salty soils, seawater, wet beach sand, and extremely magnetic ground conditions. By using the E-TRAC you can become one of the many successful detectorists who combine their passion for the outdoors with the excitement of discovering valuable coins, relics, gold, and jewelry on a regular basis


  • Utilizing FBS technology with simultaneous frequencies ranging from 1.5kHz – 100kHz the signal received from the detector coil is analyzed from a wide range of responses. This allows E-TRAC’s advanced signal processing to analyze more target information so that target identification is more accurate.
  • E-TRAC XChange USB functionality – create, download, and upload your favorite E-TRAC settings and save them to your computer or exchange them with friends by email.
  • QuickMaskTM with independent ferrous and conductivity rejection level adjust – a fast and simple way to edit patterns.
  • SmartfindTM – a unique two-dimensional scale of discrimination graphically representing both the ferrous and conductivity properties on the same display working to eliminate signals from undesired targets and accepts signals from desired targets.
  • Discrimination scale with radical realignment improves target ID and the recovery rate of good targets at depth.
  • Four pre-programmed Minelab user modes for switch on and go detecting with specific Settings and Patterns suited to Coins; High Trash; Beach and Relics.
  • Four user mode slots so you can personalize modes to suit your specific target preferences and detecting environment.
  • Refined threshold adjustment level on a 1-50 scale for greater precision to suit your requirements.
  • Pinpoint with audio and visual indicators on two modes makes target size and identification more accurate than ever.
  • Ground Setting options of Neutral and Difficult allowing you to adapt easily to benign or the most challenging operating conditions.
  • Trash Density settings – High ensures you experience fewer false signals in high trash environments while Low is perfect for cleaner sites.
  • User-centered keypad and menu design – fast and easy to use with intuitive icons and logical menu sequences.
  • Clear resolution visual display panel 72mm x 48mm – designed for optimum visibility in all light conditions.
  • Ergonomic, perfectly balanced Handle Assembly ensures longer periods of detecting without fatigue!
  • Ultra-lightweight waterproof 11″” Double-D waterproof coil for versatility with sharp, accurate pinpointing and depth.


Technical Specifications

ApplicationCoin, Relic, Jewellery & Beach
TechnologyFBS 2, Smartfind 2
Frequency/TransmissionMultiple frequencies: 1.5 – 100kHz
Coil (standard)11″” Double-D lightweight, waterproof.
Audio OutputInternal speaker & 6.35mm ( 1/4″”) headphone jack.
Headphones SuppliedKoss 100 ohm headphones.
Visual DisplayVery large 72mm x 48mm (2.8″” x 1.9″”) greyscale LCD with contrast adjustment.
USB ConnectivityUSB connector for communication with PC
MemorySettings saved automatically while detecting and remain until changed or reset
Depth IndicationAccurate gauge active in normal detecting and Pinpoint mode
Detect Modes4 pre-programmed user Modes (Coins, High Trash, Beach, and Relics) and 4 user customizable Modes
DiscriminationSmartfindTM 2 dimensional Discrimination: Ferrous 35, Conductivity 50. 10 discrimination patterns (Coins, All-Metal, Fe Coins, Jewellery, Foil, Pull Tab, Iron, Crown cap, Screwcap & Nail) & 10 user slots.
Audio tone1,2,4 & Multi-tone; customizable for conductivity or ferrous response. Variable by 30 adjustable steps.
Audio TypeNormal, Long, Smooth & Pitch Hold
Ground BalanceAutomatic ground compensation – advanced digital filtering. Ground settings Neutral & Difficult.
Ground Balance Type
Trash Density(2) Low & High
PinpointNon-motion with a modulated audio and visual crosshair on LCD, 2 modes: normal and sizing
Sensitivity AdjustFully automatic with adjustable offset, manual setting 1 to 30.
Tune / Noise CancelManual & Automatic (11 channels)
ThresholdFiner adjustment level from 0 to 50
Target Volume AdjustLimit & Gain (1 to 30)
Battery1600mAh NiMH or alkaline batteries
Low battery alertAudio & visual indication.
Length1060mm -1380mm (41.7″” – 54.3″”)
Weight1.6kg (3.5lbs) (ex. battery)
Warranty3 years control box & coil