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Geo-electrical detector for water and cavity: determines the resistance of the ground at a depth of 100 m and visualizes 2D depth: Water was found by customers up to 100 meters – see our data

Uses detection of water, detection of cavity, and geotechnics.

 Modes of operation: Scan of geoelectricity

Objects to be detected: deposits of water, gravel to support water, hoops.





2D Visualization

Color display / Touchscreen

Geoelectrical measuring procedure

Internal memory

Multilingual operation

Rechargeable high-capacity battery 


 Detector of water and cavity up to a depth of 100 meters (328 ft)

Like GeoSeeker’s large brother, GeoSeeker Mini uses a Schlumberger-based geoelectric measuring procedure. The soil resistivity is determined by the water detector, which can also be used to detect underground hollows. The detector is capable of detecting underground water resources, such as freshwater, drinking water, gravel and ground water levels on the basis of the apparent resistivity of the ground.


GeoSeeker Mini operates the water and cavity detector

The GeoSeeker Mini water detector is controlled by a touchscreen. Choose the measuring depth and the quantity of scanning points and follow the graph. With images and icons that are easy to understand, the GeoSeeker Mini uses purely photo language for several languages.

In order to measure ground resistivity at certain places the electrodes have to be replaced several times. The color display allows you to read all instructions, where results are displayed after each scan. The final result is presented as a graphical 2D scan image at the very end of a measurement.


Water resources and cavity data visualization

The end result is calculated to generate a representative 2D scan image of subway resistivity following completion of geo-electric measurements. Users can read the diagram directly with the pictograms in the lower display area: The colors shown are deposits of water (blue with drops) and/or cavities detected in the scheme (red with tunnel symbol).

The display consists of multiple columns and provides the corresponding depth information, depending on the size and the depth of the measurement selected.

The user can switch to a simplified representation of measurement results with the left button (water drops) and the middle button (tunnel entrance).

The GeoSeeker Mini is language-independent, thanks to the implementation of step-by-step instructions and simple images and pictographs. This means that inexperienced users around the world can use the water detector – regardless of the language they speak.

GeoSeeker Mini geoelectric applications

In the detection of underground water resources and hidden cave sites, the geoelectrical detector OKM GeoSeeker Mini can be used. Because of its specific electrical resistivity features, both structures can be located.

Water detection

Underground water resources have good electrical conductivity and their resistivity measure is low. The ability to detect water is extremely helpful

Dowsers, well builder water-finders, boiler companies

Agriculture, mining of fruit, contractors for construction

Water deposits can be detectable under surface

Fresh water, underground water supply, water veins underground water streams, headwaters

Detection of cavity

Hidden cavities and hollow areas have a rather low electrical conductivity and their resistivity is measured to produce high apparent resistivity. The cavity detection capability is helpful

Historians, archeologists

Hunters of Treasure

Military services of geotechnical engineering

Contractors for construction

Detectable cavities of the subsurface may be

Grottoes, chambers of tunnels and shrouds, burials, tombs of bunkers, vaults, cellars, rooms


Delivery Scope

1x    Control unit with touchscreen

1x       Waterproof and shock resistant Pelican case

1x       Power Pack with charger and travel adapter

2x       Power cable drum (Ø 290 mm)

2x       Voltage cable (10 m)

4x       Electrode

2x       Connecting Cable (2 m)

1x       User’s manual



Control unit

Dimensions (H x W x D): 410 x 340 x 180 mm

Weight: 4.5 kg

Input voltage (max.): 11 – 13 V DC / 30 W

Display: 3.5” Resistive touch, 480 x 320 Pixel

Display CPU: Cortex M3, 32 MHz, 128 KB RAM

Data memory: 4 GB

Sample rate: 4096 Hz (64-fold oversampling of 512 values)

Operating time: approx. 6 – 8 h

CPU: 80 MHz Cortex M3

ADC: 16 bit

Effective Range: (differential) –1400 to +1400 mV

Measurement Period per Scan Point: min. 16 s

Output: 320 V / 0.4 A

Input Resistance (static): approx. 12 MΩ

Power Cable Drums (Ø 290 mm)

Dimensions (H x W x D): 360 x 290 x 200 mm

Weight: 3.6 kg

Cable length: 100 m

Markers: 10


Dimensions (H x W x D): 270 x 120 x 35 mm

Weight: 0.4 kg

Voltage Cable

Cable length: 10 m

Markers: 10

The technical data are average values. Minor deviations are possible during operation.

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