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The depth and sensitivity of the 11-inch DD are the ideal balance. All timings and the Cancel option work nicely with it. On all sorts of ground, it is quite stable. Two overlapping wire windings in the form of two Ds make up a double-D coil. Stability (particularly in the severely mineralized ground), good depth, sensitivity, and a very thorough search pattern are qualities of a Double-D Coil. Double-D Coils can distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous targets when used with a GPX Detector. Additionally, they are more stable when utilized in electrically damp settings and on wet salt beach sand.

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Suitable for GPX and older GP and SD series metal detectors. The 11” Double-D has a great blend of stability, depth, and sensitivity and is very stable in all ground types. Being a Double-D coil it can be used with the Iron Reject and RX cancel features making it a great relic coil.



Accessories of GPX Series

A wide range of accessories is out there to further boost the efficiency of your Minelab detector. If you have acquired these accessories, they are designed to feature the versatility of your detector to adjust to various detecting conditions. Genuine accessories for Minelab metal detectors, ranging from coils to cables, are designed to provide optimal efficiency and are thus equipped with a global Minelab warranty. A number of accessory coils from Minelab have also been developed to help you discover more gold in a range of environments and conditions on the ground. If you are looking for deep gold in a flat open field or searching for fine gold in constricted spaces, there is an accessory coil that will maximize the output of your detector.