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Minelab has created the GPZ 19 Super-D coil to enhance the functionality of your GPZ 7000 and provide a considerable depth improvement over the GPZ 14 coil. Greater Area Covered The area of the GPZ 19 coil (19″ 18″) is 53% larger than that of the GPZ 14 coil (14″ 13″). (Up to 1 m/3 ft) waterproof The GPZ 19 coil may be submerged up to 1 meter (3 feet) deep and is waterproof. decreased ground noise Reduced ground noise is a result of improved coil geometry that results in less magnetic coupling between transmit and receive windings. Technology using Super-D Coils Two exterior receiving windings and a central transmit winding make comprise a Super-D coil. The isolated suspension windings of the GPZ 19 coil make it less susceptible to mechanical vibration noise.

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Minelab’s Waterproof 19×18 Search Coil, Designed for Minelab GPZ 7000. Find More Gold – Deeper and Faster! Coil Cover included.





  • Waterproof:(to 1 m/3 ft) The GPZ 19 coil is waterproof and 1 m/3 ft deep and submersible. You can detect rivers easily, or detect them in rainy or wet conditions.
  • More Ground Coverage: There is 53 percent more area on the GPZ 19 coil (19″” x 18″”) than on the GPZ 14 coil (14″” x13″”). For wide-open spaces, it is perfect and covers more ground in less time!
  • Improved coil geometry gives less magnetic coupling between windings that are transmitted and received, resulting in reduced ground noise. Hear fewer sounds and more gold!
  • Super-D Coil Technology: A Super-D coil consists of a central transmit winding and two windings for external reception. The GPZ 19 coil has independent suspension windings which are less sensitive to noise from mechanical vibration.


Accessories of GPZ 7000

To further enhance the performance of your Minelab detector, an extensive range of accessories is available. These accessories are designed to add to the versatility of your detector when you need to adapt to various detecting environments. Genuine Minelab accessories ranging from cables to coils are designed to deliver optimum performance and as a result, are supplied with a global Minelab warranty